Zoom 4 Teeth Whitening in Dubai


Yellowish tooth discoloration?

Natural tooth enamel is often yellowish or grayish in color. Therefore, not all people have a snow-white smile. But the problems can be solved with the help of modern technology.

Safe tomography and X-ray

Three-dimensional examination of the jaw and teeth allows you to obtain high-quality digital images necessary for the diagnosis of the dental system

Professional doctor

One procedure is enough to never return to this problem.

Recovery in 5 days

You can return to normal life in 5 days
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The procedure is painless

Modern technology makes it possible to perform bone grafting while you sleep - under sedation, general anesthesia, or anesthesia.

Your path to a dream smile begins now:

The first stage

The first stage

During the first visit to the dentist's office, it is imperative that the patient's teeth are carefully examined.
The second stage

The second stage

Profihygiene, shade selection, Zoom 4 gel is applied and then the teeth are exposed to ultraviolet light.
The third stage

The third stage

At the finishing stage of Zoom 4 teeth are covered with remineralizing preparation, which will strengthen the enamel, accelerate the processes of its restoration.

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This is an innovative technique that combines efficiency and safety. It is able to lighten enamel by 8-12 tones.

What is Zoom technology

The technique was developed in the USA by Discus Dental. This company periodically improves its development, so new generations of technology become available. Today, dental clinics use the Zoom 4 generation.

The principle of photo whitening is used to affect the enamel. It consists in the fact that the doctor applies a special gel to the surface of the teeth. The components included in its composition are activated with the help of an ultraviolet lamp.

The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, its content in the gel is 25%. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen. This creates free radicals that penetrate the tooth enamel and destroy the coloring pigments that are present in it. The voids that are created are filled with the calcium phosphate contained in the gel. This additionally has a strengthening effect.

The duration of the procedure is 45-60 minutes. Usually one visit to the doctor is enough to achieve the desired effect.

Why teeth yellow and darken

As mentioned above, a yellowish or grayish color is initially characteristic of tooth enamel. But over time, it can darken and yellow under the influence of various factors, including:

  • Age-related changes - as we age, the enamel becomes thinner and darker dentin shows through;
  • dental manipulation, such as dental nerve extraction;
  • heredity;
  • Consumption of foods high in sugar;
  • smoking;
  • Consumption of foods and beverages that contain food coloring, including black tea, coffee, wine, carrots, beets, and berries.

Also, the color of teeth can change due to regular intake of certain medications, especially antibiotics. It is affected by high fluoride content in drinking water.

Coloring agents penetrate into the pores of the enamel, so regular brushing does not solve this problem. Whitening pastes are also not effective enough and do not achieve the desired effect, especially in complex cases. This leaves only whitening with the help of special systems and devices, including Zoom.

Stages of whitening

The procedure is performed in several steps.

At the consultation, the doctor performs an examination and makes a decision about the possibility of using Zoom technology. Additional diagnostics may be needed to make sure that there are or are not contraindications.

Next, the original shade of tooth enamel is fixed.

Before the procedure, the patient's eyes are covered with dark glasses to protect them from ultraviolet radiation. The doctor applies an ointment to the oral mucosa to relieve irritation.

Whitening begins with the specialist cleaning the surface of the teeth from plaque, rinsing it with an antiseptic and drying it with an air jet. He applies a substance to the patient's gums to protect them from the gel, and then spreads the gel-like composition over the area to be treated.

The next step is illumination. The dentist directs the light of an ultraviolet lamp onto the gel and activates it. This lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how many shades you need to lighten your teeth. Usually, several cycles are performed: a new gel is applied and the UV lamp is illuminated again.

In the final stage, the doctor:

  • removes excess gel and protective formulations;
  • Treats the tooth enamel with a remineralizing solution that strengthens it and reduces sensitivity.

Advantages of Zoom teeth whitening

The merits of the methodology:

  • effectiveness - you can lighten enamel by 8-12 tones;
  • carefully considered composition of the gel - there is no chance of getting a chemical burn, the level of acidity does not lead to demineralization of enamel, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is 25%, which is less than in the compositions developed by competitors;
  • period of tooth hypersensitivity after treatment does not exceed 12 hours;
  • the use of cold ultraviolet light to avoid overheating of oral tissues;
  • the result is maintained for 3-5 years - this is an average, much depends on the patient's age and lifestyle;
  • In most cases, a single session lasting no more than 1.5 hours is sufficient to lighten enamel.

Who Zoom whitening is recommended for

The procedure is suitable for everyone who wants to lighten the enamel by more than 2-3 tones. But beforehand it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will conduct an examination, assess the condition of the oral cavity and the possible risk of damage to the mucous membranes, and then say whether the patient is suitable for this method or should prefer another technology.

The doctor will also determine the appropriateness of Zoom whitening. In some cases, the problem can be corrected by other methods, including traditional professional cleaning, which removes hard and soft deposits from the surface of the teeth.

The whiteness of teeth is especially important for those who communicate a lot with people and speak in front of the public. These are artists, politicians, business trainers, lecturers, and executives.

Features of teeth whitening by Zoom system

Today, few techniques based on the use of ultraviolet light are used in dentistry. The emitting devices used for Zoom dental enamel treatment have filters that filter out the negative part of the spectrum.

The technology makes it possible not only to whiten teeth, but also to strengthen them. For this purpose, the composition includes amorphous calcium phosphate. Its particles take the place of destroyed molecules of coloring pigments. When the doctor removes the gel residue from the surface of the teeth at the end of the procedure, the acidity of the environment becomes neutral. For this reason, calcium phosphate crystallizes, strengthening the enamel.

Indications and contraindications for Zoom teeth whitening

The procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • darkening, yellowing of enamel caused by various reasons: addiction to smoking, drinking large amounts of tea, coffee, wine, taking antibiotics;
  • Age-related changes that have caused the enamel to become duller;
  • Completion of orthodontic treatment - usually the doctor will suggest whitening after braces are removed;
  • a simple desire to whiter teeth.

There are contraindications too. Zoom whitening is not performed:

  • for gum inflammation, for tooth decay, you have to treat the diseases first;
  • If there are fillings and crowns in the smile area: they are not susceptible to the whitening effect, so they will stand out against the background of the teeth;
  • under the age of 16;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • in hypersensitivity to ultraviolet radiation;
  • if the patient is taking drugs that increase photosensitization: some oral contraceptives, antibiotics have such an effect.

The frequency with which the procedure can be repeated depends on age. The older the patient, the shorter the duration of the brightening effect. It is not recommended to perform bleaching more than once a year.

How to maintain the achieved effect

The patient should make certain efforts to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. After the procedure, the doctor will definitely give recommendations on how to prolong the effect of whitening, based on the individual characteristics of the patient.


  • within 2-3 days after the procedure do not consume tea, coffee, products that contain food coloring;
  • Subsequently, also limit the consumption of tea, coffee, wine, other beverages and products with coloring pigments that can penetrate the tooth enamel;
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, floss, irrigate, and rinse after meals.

To maintain an acceptable enamel shade, you can periodically wear a mouth guard with a brightening solution.

Contact AESTHETE Dental Clinic! Make an appointment for a consultation, where the doctor will conduct an examination and make a decision on the feasibility and possibility of whitening by Zoom technology.

We use advanced equipment, ensure the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. Prices are listed on the website, you can ask the clinic managers for more details.