Dr. Polina Ganzhara

Dr. Polina Ganzhara

Pediatric dentist
Specialization: Pediatric dentist
Experience: more than 7 years


  • 2016 diploma in "General Dentistry", South Ural State Medical University - Faculty of Dentistry Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • Specialty Certificate in General Dentistry
  • Specialty Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Perm Institute of Further Training of Healthcare Professionals (2020)

Refresher courses

  • 2017 course on the program "Architecture of Beauty. Ceram-X for performing functional and aesthetic restorations", Dentsply Sirona Academy, Perm
  • 2018 seminar on "Complex aspects of "simple" manipulations of professional oral hygiene", LLC "Florence-Stom", Moscow
  • 2018 Complex aspects of "simple" procedures in professional oral hygiene, Moscow
  • 2019 seminar on "Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis of temporary and permanent teeth in children. Acute pain"
  • 2019 course on Malignant Hyperthermia", RuDenta Educational Center, Perm
  • 2019 Malignant hyperthermia training course, Moscow
  • 2019 Treating pulpitis and periodontitis of temporary and permanent teeth for children. Acute pain, Moscow
  • 2020 course on the program "Pediatric Dentistry: Endodontics of permanent unformed teeth", Center for Dental Education of Doctors and Administration "SOVA", Perm
  • 2020 Pediatric Dentistry: endodontia of immature permanent teeth, Perm
  • 2021 course on the topic "Protocol of photocommunication at a pediatric appointment", Aurum Cerebrum Academy"
  • 2021 Photo communication report at examining a child, Moscow
  • 2021 Dental trauma, Moscow
  • 2021 Prosthetic dentistry for temporary and permanent teeth. Practical course forpediatric dentists, Saint Petersburg