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Braces are widely used for correcting bite pathologies and aligning the dental arch. They are made from various materials, but the classic choice is metal – steel, titanium, nickel-based alloys.

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Types of Metal Braces

Orthodontic structures made from metal differ based on several criteria.

By Installation Method

The classic solution is vestibular braces, installed on the front surface of the teeth. They are easily fixed, suitable for correcting almost any bite disorder, and do not damage the tongue and lips. This orthodontic structure does not require a long adaptation period and does not affect diction.

Lingual braces, installed on the inner side of the dental arch, are used less frequently. Their advantage is invisibility. However, they are harder to get used to, and bite correction takes longer. They can also cause painful sensations and speech disturbances.

By Type of Construction: Ligature and Self-Ligating

Braces change the position of teeth due to the tension of the arch. However, there are two types of constructions.

In ligature systems, the arch is connected to metal plates attached to the teeth using ligatures – rubber bands or metal wires. The tension needs to be adjusted periodically, requiring visits to the dentist about once a month.

There are also ligature-free or self-ligating braces. Special locks are used to attach the arch in these. Those with such orthodontic constructions also need to visit the doctor periodically, but not as often as with ligature models. Another advantage is that they are easier to care for.

Stages of Installation

Metal braces - 1

The process of installing braces begins with a consultation with an orthodontist. The doctor examines the patient, asks clarifying questions, and, if required, orders additional diagnostics. Then, they offer the available and most effective options for correcting the position of the teeth.

Braces are made individually based on dental X-rays or impressions.

Preparatory Stage

Before installation, oral cavity sanitation is required. It's necessary to treat cavities, other dental and gum diseases, and perform professional cleaning aimed at removing soft plaque and hard deposits. Remineralization may also be needed to strengthen the tooth enamel.

Orthodontic Stage

The installation of metal braces is not painful and does not cause discomfort, so anesthesia is not needed. The doctor glues each element of the brace to the tooth using adhesive that solidifies under ultraviolet light. Then, they connect them with an arch.

There are two methods of fixation:

  • Direct – braces are immediately fixed to the teeth;
  • Indirect – a jaw model is made in the laboratory, the orthodontic construction is installed on it, and the doctor then transfers it to the patient's teeth.

Indirect installation is more labor-intensive. However, in this case, the fixation of metal plates to the teeth takes less time – approximately half compared to the direct method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Constructions

Metal braces - 2

Metal braces are a time-tested solution. Their advantages include:

  • Strength and reliability – the plates, arch, and other elements are difficult to damage, they are not affected by hard food, and do not get stained by pigments that may be present in food and drinks;
  • Universality – such constructions are used in any clinical situation, suitable for children, teenagers, adults, and allow correcting complex bite anomalies;
  • Shorter treatment duration compared to other options;
  • The most affordable price solution.
  • However, there are also disadvantages.

Metal braces are quite noticeable, especially when the person wearing them talks or smiles. If aesthetics are particularly important, it's better to choose lingual orthodontic constructions or prefer a system made from a different material.

Initially, after installation, a metallic taste may be felt in the mouth.

There might be an allergic reaction to the metal, although this is rare. Sometimes, individual intolerance is specific, for example, only to stainless steel, while titanium is acceptable for the body. Gold plating can also be used. Our dentists will find a solution that combines effectiveness and safety.

The doctor will discuss the pros and cons of available options when choosing suitable orthodontic constructions.

Care for Metal Braces

Proper and thorough care is necessary for the teeth and installed orthodontic constructions.

It's necessary to:

  • Clean teeth and braces using special brushes, irrigators, flosses, and brushes designed to remove food particles from hard-to-reach places;
  • Refrain from hard and sticky food while correcting the position of teeth; crackers, nuts, sticky sweets can be consumed after the braces are removed.
  • If the patient is a child or teenager, parents need to monitor how they care for their teeth and orthodontic construction.

Also, it's necessary to visit the dentist periodically:

  • To adjust the force with which the system presses on the dental arch;
  • For professional teeth cleaning, which is advisable to do every 3-4 months.

Metal or Ceramic Braces: Which are Better

Metal braces - 3

Orthodontic constructions with ceramic elements are an alternative to traditional metal braces. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

If the patient is actively involved in sports, it's better to choose a metal construction: it's more reliable, durable, and withstands mechanical impacts well.

If it's important for a person that others do not know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment, or if there is an allergy to metal, ceramic is the preferable choice. It's a hypoallergenic material, and the elements made from it are practically invisible. However, the correction of bite pathologies will proceed slightly slower.

A hybrid solution can be used. In this case:

  • The doctor will install an arch with inconspicuous ceramic locks in the smile zone;
  • On the teeth that are not visible when talking or smiling, they will put metal elements.

AESTHETE Dental Center is located in Dubai (UAE), Bluewaters Island. We employ experienced, highly qualified doctors. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment and has its own dental laboratory. Thanks to this, we provide turnkey services for installing braces made of metal and other materials at a professional level.

The cost of services is listed on the website's price list. Administrators are ready to answer questions, clarify prices, and help schedule an appointment with a doctor at a convenient time for you.