Dr. Olga Emelianova

Dr. Olga Emelianova

Specialist Orthodontist, PhD
Specialization: Specialist Orthodontist, PhD
Experience: more than 18 years


  • 2005 diploma in "Dentistry", Moscow State Medical and Dental University, Federal Agency for Health Care and Social Development
  • 2008 residency in specialty "Stomatology", Moscow State Medical and Dental University, Federal Agency for Health Care and Social Development

Refresher courses

  • 2005 seminar Dr. M. Korn's "Alternative orthodontics in the shift and permanent dentition", Moscow
  • 2006 seminar on "Modern technologies in orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment using LM-activator (elastopositioner) in different age periods. Means and methods of prevention of dental caries and increasing the aesthetics of appliances using the latest whitening remineralizing and fluoride systems in the process of orthodontic treatment", Moscow
  • 2006 course John R.C. Mew's "Orthotropica of the Face. Control of facial growth", Moscow
  • 2007 conference on "Innovations in Orthodontics", Belarus
  • 2007 course on The Damon tips anf tricks roadshow by Dr. Pieter van Heerden, Moscow
  • 2007 course on "Esthetics and biomechanics based tretment strategies" by Dr. Ravindra Nanda, St. Petersburg
  • 2008 conference on "Modern technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of dento-mandibular and maxillofacial anomalies", Belarus
  • 2009 seminar Didier Fillon "Orapix System and straight arch lingual technique", St. Petersburg
  • 2011 conference on "New Technologies in Orthodontics", Belarus
  • 2011 seminar on "Arc Activation in Modern Orthodontic Mechanotherapy", Moscow
  • 2014 seminar on "Thinking differently - moving towards success. New Ways for Successful Management of Your Medical Practice", Hansi Seeholzer, Moscow
  • 2015 conference "Pumpa Group Orthodontics Days", Moscow
  • 2016 seminar on "Interdisciplinary interaction. Immediate orthodontic loading and elimination of mesial inclination of molars", AVRORACLINIC, Moscow
  • 2016 course on "Functional Gnathology. From basics to mastery"
  • 2017 course of Prof. Patricia Vergara Villarreal (Colombia) on "Orthodontics beyond the limits of possibilities", Moscow 2017 - course Castellanos Five Stars Score In Office (Level 1), Bogota, Colombia
  • 2017 course A.S. Ermakov's "Technique of multiloop arch (Meaw), correction of open bite", Moscow
  • 2017 seminar on "Revolution in orthodontics - accelerated creation of unrivaled aesthetics", Ortholight, Moscow
  • 2017 seminar Chris Chang's "Innovative methods of treatment of complex cases", Moscow
  • 2017 seminar on "Mastery of Transparent Orthodontics"
  • 2017 lecture for "Contemporary Clinical Orthodontics aided by Micro-Implant Anchorage based on Directional force technology", Dr. Jae Hyun Sung, The Korean Orthodontic Recearch Institute Inc., Moscow
  • 2018 seminar on "Orthodontics without Borders", Ortholight, Moscow
  • 2018 seminar A.S. "EVOLUTION. 8 keys of orthodontic treatment", Ortholight, Moscow
  • 2018 seminar on "Psychological interaction in the provision of dental services. Conflict with the patient. Strategies of behavior in conflict", Ortholight, Moscow
  • 2018 course on "Working with KeyNote and CBCT programs in the daily practice of an orthodontist", PUMPA, Moscow
  • 2019 seminar on "Pitts Protocol: Achieving mastery in treatment without extraction", Ortholight, Moscow
  • 2019 seminar on "Bridging the gaps. Interdisciplinary and orthodontic treatment for periodontal tissue disease and missing teeth in the aesthetic smile zone", Dental Event, Moscow
  • 2019 course on "The basics of surgigal orthodontics", Dr. Itamar Michael Friedlander, Moscow
  • 2019 course on "CBCT and MRI Imaging-Teeth, TMJ and beyond", Dr. Dania Tamimi, Moscow
  • 2020 conference "Transparent Eliners: the Era of Digital Orthodontics", Dr. Sandra Tai
  • 2021 course on "Biomechanics in Orthodontics", "OHI-S" & "Dentofacial Desing Group", Dr. Zafar Husanov, Moscow
  • 2021 seminar on "Introduction to Digital Gnathology", N. CELLA, Moscow
  • 2021 office course on "Diagnosis and treatment planning. TMJ. Occlusal Splint Therapy", SmileMakerSCHOOL, Moscow
  • 2021 intensive for chief physicians and managers on the topic "Emotions, communications and values in the formula for success", Author's Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry "Smile Workshop"
  • 2021 congress ORTHODONTICS.NEXT from the Academy EUROKAPPA
  • 2023 advanced training on the additional professional program "Orthodontics", LLC Institute of Advanced Professional Education "Specialist", Moscow

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