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Installing veneers without tooth facing is a service of aesthetic dentistry, the technology that allows anyone to get a dazzling smile with even, ultra-white teeth. If you dream of making your smile perfect, causing admiration and delight among others, we invite you to our Aesthete clinic in Dubai! We create perfect smiles and install veneers without tooth facing, helping you not only realize your cherished dream, but also keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Why is it so important to keep your tooth enamel intact?

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Veneers are aesthetic onlays on the tooth surfaces, masking all possible external defects of the teeth. They are not an innovation in dentistry and first appeared in Hollywood in the 30s of the last century. Dentist Charles Pincus installed veneers to the stars of the dream factory, making their smiles perfect. Nowadays, veneers are available not only to celebrities and are offered in different options: composite and ceramic, made with special equipment or manually.

However, all types of veneers, including branded lumineers, require preliminary facing of the tooth enamel. The enamel layer is removed to a certain thickness, and this manipulation is necessary for the smile to look natural, and the onlay to hold firmly in place.

Tooth facing is not only an unpleasant procedure, but also it has a number of negative consequences:

  • Partial removal of the tooth enamel weakens the teeth, making them vulnerable to the action of carious bacteria and other pathogens present in the oral cavity;
  • The tooth sensitivity to external factors increases so much that without veneers or temporary plastic onlays, a person will not be able to eat and drink, and it will hurt him/her to speak, laugh and breathe.
  • Tooth facing requires wearing temporary plastic veneers: these are uncomfortable, unaesthetic onlays that cause discomfort when eating, all the time felt in the mouth like a foreign object. They are easily unstuck, but only a dentist can stick a temporary veneer into place.
  • Tooth facing procedure is painful and is not carried out without the use of strong anesthetics, to which some patients have contraindications.

All these disadvantages of the tooth facing procedure made many people give up the dream of a perfect smile, making a choice in favor of dental health. Patients honestly spoke about their doubts to the doctors of our clinic and asked about possible alternatives. And we are pleased to say that the alternative has been developed and patented by our dentistry: our Magicneers veneers are installed on teeth without facing! You can get a personal advice on this service by visiting a specialist in our clinic in Dubai.

Veneers without tooth facing: a unique technology of the Aesthete clinic

Veneers without tooth facing: a unique technology of the Aesthete clinic

The author of the technique of installing veneers without tooth facing is our clinic’s physician-in-chief Artavazd Henrykovich Manukyan, a qualified specialist in aesthetic dentistry, implantology, orthopedics, an honorary member of the EAEU and the Eurasian Association of Osteology, Regeneration and Osseointegration (EAORO).

He was well aware of all the shortcomings of the enamel preparation procedure and the wishes of patients who wanted to improve their smile without sacrificing dental health for beauty. Therefore, he thought over about creating a technique that would allow to install veneers without tooth facing. Artavazd Henrykovich brought this idea to life: the technique developed by the doctor makes it possible to take casts and firmly fix the veneers on the teeth, while preserving the natural enamel intact.

The efficacy of the technique for installing veneers without tooth facing, its unique nature is approved by the state patent No. 2725274.

Our Magicneers veneers benefits:

  • Beautiful tooth color, pleasant natural gloss of the tooth surface. Each veneer without tooth facing is created by hand, and therefore, the gradation of shades, the microrelief of the surface and the transparent edge are perfectly recreated. The smile looks natural, and no one will ever guess that it was created using ceramic onlays;
  • Impeccable smile in all respects. Our veneers will create the correct shape, close the interdental spaces, hide the curvature;
  • Youthful face. A smile with even white teeth helps to visually rejuvenate the face, restore the bite height, the lack of which causes deep wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, as well as nasolabial folds. Installation of veneers without tooth facing may be an alternative to several cosmetic procedures at once!
  • Comfort. Our veneers have high anatomical accuracy, immediately after installation they become a single whole with natural teeth, and therefore they do not cause inconvenience when eating, talking, etc., do not require long-term adaptation, do not cause smudging;
  • Dental health. Veneers are installed without tooth facing, without pain, the enamel retains its integrity and structure, and the teeth remain healthy. You will not need temporary plastic onlays, after taking the impressions and until the moment the ceramic plates are made, you will keep walking with your own teeth!
  • Easy care. Aesthetic onlays shall be cared for in the same way as natural teeth. All you need for veneers without facing to retain their beauty and functionality is regular, high-quality hygiene, performed with the usual set of tools: brush, toothpaste and dental floss;
  • Durability. Veneers do not have an expiration date. They will serve you all your life, you should just follow the hygiene rules and the dentist recommendations.

With ceramic veneers, there is no need to observe any dietary restrictions. Dental ceramics do not stain from food pigments, do not darken from time and nicotine. It withstands the chewing load and its smooth surface does not accumulate plaque, which is a favorable environment for the development of carious bacteria. The only thing you have to give up is the bad habit of opening bottles or cracking nuts with your teeth.

There are minimal contraindications to the installation of veneers without tooth facing. Restoration is impossible in cases of dental mobility, severe mental illness, severely destroyed teeth, which are restored with inlays and tooth crowns. Caries, pulpitis, occlusion disturbances can pose temporary restrictions: after appropriate treatment, you can move on to creating a beautiful smile with veneers.

Veneers without tooth facing will give you a new dazzling smile and self-confidence, and you will not need to make a difficult choice between beauty and health!

Veneers without tooth facing: it takes just three visits to the clinic for a perfect smile!

In our clinic in Dubai, you can get a great smile and have veneers without tooth facing in just three visits to the doctor's office.

1. First visit

First visit

The first visit to the clinic for the installation of veneers without tooth facing is not only a detailed consultation on the service, but also an examination, and a comprehensive diagnosis.

Diagnostic activities are performed to determine indications/contraindications to aesthetic restoration, identify diseases and conditions that need to be eliminated before work on creating a perfect smile begins. If caries or inflammatory processes are detected during the examination, the appropriate therapeutic treatment is carried out.

Professional tooth cleaning, which removes plaque and tartar, is mandatory. The first visit includes a portrait photo session using a macro lens.

The patients analyze the pictures with the doctor and tell what they do not like about their smile, what changes they would like to get as a result of the placement of veneers without tooth facing. The color of the overlays is selected: it can be as natural as possible or dazzling-white; it all depends on your preferences and wishes!

Based on the results of diagnosis and communication with the patient, the specialist will develop an individual treatment plan, which describes all treatment stages in detail, specifying the exact price of veneers without tooth facing.

2. Second visit

Second visit

The second visit to the clinic involves taking cast models and modeling the smile. The pickup impressions needed to create veneer models are taken from the natural surface of the teeth, without grinding the enamel. The procedure is painless and stress-free, without the use of anesthesia. After casting, there is no need to use temporary veneers. Until permanent ceramic onlays are ready, you will be walking around with your own teeth.

The casts are used for making wax models, which the patient can try on if desired and assess what their smile will look like after restoration, also impressions serve as a base for making Magicneers veneers, which are manufactured in the dental laboratory within 14 days. Each veneer is created by hand; this approach allows us to create perfect smiles!

When the veneers without tooth facing are ready, the patient is invited to the clinic for veneers installation.

3. Third visit

Third visit

During the third visit to the doctor's office, the ceramic plates are fixed to the surfaces of the teeth. Veneers are adhered directly to the natural enamel using a special gel and become one with the tooth. The patient leaves the clinic with a new, transformed and delightful smile!

Our technology for your dazzling smile

Our technology for your dazzling smile

Our patients are offered not only a unique patented technique for placing veneers without tooth facing, but also the Wax-up technology, which is used to create wax models of future veneers. These models are transferred to the patient's teeth using a special key and allow you to see how your smile and face will change with Magicneers veneers, voice additional wishes about the color and shape, and ask the doctor any questions you may have.

Evaluation of the future result means getting rid of fears and doubts, having a great motivation not to put off the magical transformation of your smile for later! We perform the manipulations necessary prior to the placement of veneers without tooth facing using advanced dental equipment and technology.

Treatment of cavities and removal of tartar are carried out under magnification, using a dental microscope. If a patient is afraid of dental treatment, feels panic at the sight of the dental chair, we offer treatment under sedation, which eliminates negative emotions and anxiety, allowing us to perform all the necessary procedures without pain and stress.

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Examples, "Before and After" photos

We are proud of every smile created by the talented professionals at our clinic, and we are happy to share pictures showing you all the changes that occur after the placement of veneers without tooth facing. Beautiful color, perfect shape, naturalness — the smile after the procedure changes completely, becomes radiant, eye-catching, socializing and admirable in people around you.

Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After

The web site also publishes honest reviews about veneers without tooth facing, written by patients who have received exactly the smile they dreamed of.

Prices for veneers without tooth facing

The cost of veneers is calculated individually for each clinical situation, since it depends on the number of aesthetic overlays to be made and the need for prior dental treatment before restoring the smile. Veneers can be placed on just a few teeth or on all elements of the smile zone.

To get a treatment plan with the exact and final price of veneers without tooth facing, make an appointment at our clinic in Dubai.

The clinic is open daily; just contact our administrators by phone to make an appointment.

Be our guest! We will help you get a gorgeous, irresistible smile you will be proud of!