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A smile is an expression of pleasant emotions, happiness, joy, pleasure in communication. It changes our face and appearance, lights up our eyes, causes sympathy from people around us. However, not all people smile naturally and openly, some are embarrassed about their smile because of the bad shape or color of their teeth. Modern dentistry can effectively solve the problem of unaesthetic smile: make it perfect with the installation of veneers.

Veneers for a dazzlingly beautiful smile

Veneers for a dazzlingly beautiful smile

Veneers are overlays on the outer surfaces of the teeth, which are made of different materials: composites, dental ceramics.

The main task of thin plates is to mask aesthetic defects and restore the natural attractiveness of the smile.

Veneers are the main secret of flawless beauty of celebrity smiles. They are not a gift of nature, but the painstaking work of dentists. If you dream of having exactly the same, flawless and radiant smile, contact Aesthete clinic!

Installation of veneers is our specialty. We know how to make your smile perfect! You can get a personal consultation for a radical transformation of your smile at our clinic on the Bluewaters Island, Dubai.

What will change after the installation of veneers?

What will change after the installation of veneers?

Placement of veneers is not only a transformation of the smile, but of the appearance as a whole. It helps to get:

  • A beautiful, naturally shining color of your teeth. Not everyone has snow-white enamel, and enamel can change color due to fluorosis, endodontic treatment, and the use of outdated medications. Installing veneers is a great opportunity to completely solve the problem and get a dazzling white smile.
  • Perfect shape. If the individual elements in the dental arch have a shape that you are not happy with, you will forget about the defect forever after veneers are placed.
  • Impeccable aesthetics of your smile.

Veneers will hide tremas and diastematas, chips and cracks, old restorations that have changed their color. They will make your smile a matter of pride for you and object of admiration for others!

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have ceramic plates on your teeth. Veneers cannot be installed in the following cases:

  • Disturbances of bite are identified. Disturbed occlusions manifest themselves not only in the unsightly appearance of the teeth, but also in the uneven distribution of the chewing load, which will lead to the separation or breakage and rapid wear and tear of the veneers. When malocclusions are detected, orthodontic treatment is performed first and then veneers are installed;
  • The patient has been diagnosed with bruxism, a pathology that causes involuntary and forceful contraction of the chewing muscles. The force of contraction during bruxism attacks is such that the thin plate cannot withstand it and will break;
  • Veneering will have to be abandoned if the natural tooth crown is destroyed by more than 50%. Such a tooth should be restored with an inlay and a crown;
  • Veneer restoration is not applied when there is periodontology-induced teeth mobility.

Temporary restrictions on the placement of veneers are caries, pulpitis, gum inflammation, poor oral hygiene. Before ceramic onlays can be placed on your teeth, you must have all your teeth treated and have them professionally cleaned to remove plaque and tartar.

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Types of veneers for installation

Dental clinics can offer their patients various types of veneers, which differ in both performance and price.

1. Composite veneers

Composite veneers

The most budget-friendly type of veneers to install. Such onlays are sometimes called direct onlays because they are created directly in the patient's mouth using photopolymer composites for artistic dental restoration. A veneer is created by applying composite material to the teeth in layers. .

2. Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers

They are made based on cast models taken from the teeth in a dental laboratory. The material is dental ceramics, having impeccable aesthetics and is characterized by high strength, and resistance to mechanical stress. Installing ceramic veneers is the best way to get a Hollywood smile, because these overlays look beautiful and natural and are durable.

3. Lumineers


A type of ceramic veneers, a branded product made by an American manufacturer. It differs from conventional ones by its reduced thickness, which allows placement without prior grinding of the tooth enamel.

Ceramic or composite veneers: what to choose for placement?

When choosing a method of artistic restoration of your smile, you should focus not only on the price of veneers, but also on such parameters as durability and quality of the result. Composite veneers would be a good solution only if there is an urgent need to correct aesthetic defects on a limited budget.

They are inexpensive, the installation process is carried out in 1-2 two visits to the clinic, but these advantages are lost against the background of the significant disadvantages of composite restorations. Direct veneers quickly lose their appearance, because they stain from contact with food dyes, nicotine. You will have to change the onlays after a few years and spend money and time on this process again.

The key disadvantage of composite veneers is the lack of aesthetics. They never look as natural and beautiful as ceramic ones.

Dental ceramics veneers:

  • Look like real teeth, have a natural shade and a pleasant sheen. These characteristics are achieved through the unique properties of the material, which has almost the same transparency and translucency as natural enamel;
  • Have the longest possible useful life. Ceramics does not darken with time, does not change color due to contact with food dyes, is resistant to the daily stress that occurs when chewing food;
  • Smooth ceramic surface does not accumulate plaque, dental ceramics are hypoallergenic and biocompatible with human body tissues, they do not irritate the sensitive tissues of the oral cavity;
  • Help to correct a variety of aesthetic defects.

The installation of veneers helps to make the face look younger. Age-related changes manifest themselves not only in the appearance of wrinkles, but also in the abrasion of teeth, reduced occlusal vertical dimension, and darkened enamel. Veneers help to correct these defects and give a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

Ceramic veneers are made individually for each patient, based on dental impressions. Therefore, they have a perfect anatomical accuracy, fit tightly to the tooth surfaces, without causing discomfort or speech problems.

All the costs of installing ceramic veneers are well worth the benefits we discussed above. That is why we recommend ceramic veneers for patients who want to have a perfect smile.

Veneers or Lumineers

Veneers or Lumineers

According to the manufacturer, the main advantage of Lumineers over veneers is that they can be placed on the teeth without tooth facing. However, advertising of the branded product is misleading: in most cases, the enamel layer of the teeth will have to be removed in order to get a natural and beautiful result.

Moreover, Lumineers are not the only type of ceramic plate that can be placed on teeth with minimal damage to enamel.

One of the unique services of our dental clinic is the installation of veneers without tooth facing, using a technology invented and patented by the clinic.

Lumineers are made by a machine, so the aesthetics of the finished products are poor; the plates are thick and create unnatural volume. Ceramic veneers at our clinic are ultra-thin handmade ceramic plates, with an elegant color gradation, transparent tip characteristic of natural teeth, and exactly recreated surface microrelief. That is why they give such a perfect aesthetic result, which cannot be achieved with Lumineers.

Ceramic veneers not only look like natural teeth, they do not require any specific complex care. All that is needed is daily hygiene with the usual set of tools and periodic professional cleaning at the dentist's office. There are no dietary restrictions: ceramics do not lose their nice shine and beautiful color from contact with food pigments. You can eat food no matter how hard it is, but you should refrain from such habits as chewing nuts and candy, opening bottle caps with your teeth. Ceramic veneers are strong, but they can still break from excessive mechanical loading.

Veneer installation steps

The process takes place in several successive stages:

1. Photo session, diagnostics

Photo session, diagnostics

The patient comes to the clinic for examination and diagnosis. The initial consultation includes a photo session using a macro lens. Photos are used to analyze the smile and develop a correction plan to change it and make it beautiful.

2. Preparation


If the diagnosis reveals diseases of the teeth and gums, they are eliminated by appropriate therapeutic treatment. Veneers are not placed on diseased teeth. A professional cleaning is performed to remove plaque and help you see and appreciate your natural enamel color. After all the preparatory procedures, impressions of the teeth are taken, and the doctor together with the patient chooses the color of the veneers. They can be made in a shade as close to the natural color of the enamel as possible or have a dazzling whiteness.

3. Making a model

Making a model

Based on the casts taken, a wax model is created, which is used not only for the production of veneers, but also for demonstrating the future result to the patient. Wax models are transferred to the teeth using special keys, and even at this stage, you can assess how the veneers will change your smile and appearance.

4. Fabrication


Veneers are created in the dental laboratory according to the models, and when they are ready, the patient is invited to the clinic.

5. Installation


Before the final adherence, the finished veneers are tried on. The plates are glued to the teeth using a special gel.

Installation of Magicneers veneers without tooth facing

Our clinic uses a unique innovation to help our patients get a beautiful smile without sacrificing dental health. We install veneers without tooth facing using Magicneers, technique developed by Artavazd Manukyan, the clinic’s physician-in-chief. Patent No. 2725274 recognizes the exclusivity of the technology, and we are the only clinic in Dubai using it.

The technique allows for aesthetic restorations without pain, discomfort and enamel grinding, a procedure that greatly compromises dental health. Enamel preparation for veneering has a number of unpleasant consequences:

  • Teeth become vulnerable to the action of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • It is imperative that temporary onlays be placed after the enamel is grinded. Removal of the enamel layer increases the teeth sensitivity so much that the person will not only be unable to eat and drink, but even speaking and breathing will be painful. For the same reason, the installation of veneers with tooth facing is an irreversible procedure: if you have such plates placed, it is for life.
  • Enamel grinding is an unpleasant manipulation requiring the use of anesthesia, and temporary plastic veneers feel like a foreign object in the mouth, cause discomfort when communicating and eating, and are easily peeled off.

Our patients are relived from the necessity to grind their teeth before placing veneers. The casts are taken from your teeth; the ultra-thin ceramic plates are adhered on the natural enamel. There is no need to fabricate temporary structures — you walk around with your teeth until the veneers are ready, without uncomfortable overlays.

The clinic uses Wax-up digital or wax technology to help you see how veneers transform your smile. Being able to assess future results is a great motivation not to put off veneering! The entire treatment process takes a minimum of time and takes only three visits to the doctor's office!

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Examples, "Before and After" photos

We publish photos of the results of veneers placement at our clinic, so you can independently evaluate the effectiveness of the procedure as well as the quality of work of our specialists. See how your smile can change with our veneers!

Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After

Prices for veneers installation

Approximate prices are given in the price list, the exact cost of veneers installation is calculated during the initial consultation with the dentist. The price of the service is made up taking into account:

  • The number of restored units. Veneers can be placed on all teeth included in the smile area or on individual elements of the dental curve;
  • he need for prior dental treatment or identified gum disease.

After examination and diagnosis, clinic specialists will draw a treatment plan, which will indicate the exact and final price of veneers.

If you have any questions about the smile restoration using veneers, Magicneers technique, used in the clinic, you can have a personal consultation with our specialists. Visit our clinic on the Bluewaters Island, Dubai.

Be our guest! We create gorgeous, dazzling smiles, give confidence, and help you become beautiful and successful!