How to choose and where to install veneers, installation price in Dubai


Nowadays, a beautiful smile is affordable for not only Hollywood stars and world celebrities, but also every person can get even ultrawhite teeth - for this you need just go to a dental clinic and get veneers installed.

Veneers are called ultra-thin onlays that are fixed on the outer surfaces of the teeth and mask various external defects. What are veneers, how do they differ from each other, where to get veneers installed and what will be the installation price? This article on the website of the AESTHETE premium dentistry clinic in Dubai will help you find answers to these questions.

Veneers: the technology that creates perfect smiles

Installation of veneers is a service of aesthetic dentistry and an option to get a perfect smile in the shortest time, without pain, long-term treatment, and unpleasant manipulations.

Veneers advantages:

  • You get a beautiful enamel color, natural or ultrawhite, depending on the patient's wishes and preferences. Natural tooth enamel doesn't always have a perfectly white color - it can be yellowish or grayish, and can change its shade due to depulpation or long-term treatment with certain medications. If the tooth color cannot be corrected by in-office bleaching, veneers can successfully solve the problem;
  • They create the perfect shape. Some teeth in a row may be irregularly shaped or slightly crooked. The installation of veneers will reliably hide this defect, as well as will mask tremas and diastemas (interdental spaces);
  • They will make your face look younger. With age, the teeth wear out, the bite changes its height and the masticatory muscles weaken. By installing veneers, it is quite possible to correct these age-related changes and get a lifting effect.

Veneers can be installed both on all teeth of the smile zone and on individual elements of the dentition, the aesthetics of which is poor. The price of veneers will depend not only on the number of items required for restoration, but also on the material and production technology.

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Types of veneers, per-tooth price

The cost of restoring a smile with veneers directly depends on the type of onlays. In clinics, patients are offered their three main varieties: ceramic veneers, composite veneers, and lumineers. Each type has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. Performance characteristics directly affect the installation price per tooth.

1. Composite veneers

They are made directly in the patient's oral cavity by layer-by-layer application of a composite material, and therefore they have a second name - direct veneers. The cost of installing composite veneers will be the lowest and this is the only advantage of this technology, since it has much more disadvantages.

Some of disadvantages:

Veneers in Dubai
  • Weak aesthetics. Composite veneers do not look natural, and they do not have the same natural shine as the natural tooth enamel has. A composite onlay cannot be made truly thin, and its unnatural volume can catch the eye of strangers when communicating. The color range of materials is rather limited, so it is difficult to convey the transition of shades that is inherent in natural tooth enamel;
  • The composite is sensitive to mechanical stress, it can chip, and it changes its color over time, as well as when contacting with dyes contained in food products. If you smoke, the restoration will quickly turn yellow from nicotine plaque;
  • Risks of caries. With a loose fit of the composite to the tooth surface, pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate inside, provoking caries and inflammatory processes.

Due to the large number of disadvantages, the savings when installing composite veneers are questionable. They need to be changed regularly, and you need to spend both your time and money on such replacement.

2. Lumineers


Lumineers are ceramic restoration onlays made in the American laboratory CERINATE. This type of veneers is offered at the highest price, as it is widely advertised and positioned as the technology that allows creating beautiful smiles without facing the tooth enamel.

In fact, the enamel still has to be ground before installing the lumineers, so that the restoration looks natural. In addition, they have another, very significant disadvantage, which the manufacturer keeps silent about. Lumineers are made by machine, not by hand, so their aesthetics leave much to be desired. The onlays are voluminous and look unnatural.

If you have thought about installing the lumineers since you wish to keep your teeth healthy and avoid the unpleasant facing of the tooth enamel, our clinic can offer you an alternative: Magicneers veneers without tooth facing.

3. Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers

Indirect veneers of dental porcelain are made from tooth impressions in a dental laboratory. This production technology allows to get beautiful, durable, anatomically perfect products that effectively mask any aesthetic defects of the teeth.

The price of ceramic veneers is several times higher than that of composite counterparts, but all expenses will be paid off by the perfection of your smile and the unique properties of the onlays.

Ceramic veneers have the following advantages:

  • They have impeccable aesthetics. Ceramics' light transmission, transparency and a palette of shades is very close to the natural tooth enamel. A smile with ceramic veneers looks natural, and only a specialist can distinguish a veneer from a real tooth upon examination;
  • They are distinguished by high strength and resistance to mechanical stress as well as the action of various chemicals. They do not darken over time, from the use of tea, coffee and chocolate, as well as retain a perfect appearance throughout their lifetime;
  • Well-made and correctly installed ceramic veneers do not have an expiration date, and they can serve you a lifetime with no replacement needed;
  • Ultra-thin onlays do not feel like a foreign object in the mouth, do not cause inconveniences when eating or talking, and do not cause smudging;
  • Dental ceramics do not cause irritation of the mucosa, and do not provoke allergic reactions. Ceramic veneers can be installed for people with hypersensitivity to metals and their alloys;
  • Easy care. Ceramic veneers are cared for just like natural teeth: you need to carry out dental hygiene with the usual set of tools and undergo periodic professional cleaning in the dentist's office.

Ceramic veneers are the choice of movie and pop stars, politicians, and media people. With these thinnest onlays, you get a celebrity smile that cause admiration and delight among others. Our Dubai dentistry specializes in ceramic veneers and perfect smiles. Give your smile a dazzling, starry glow by installing our veneers without tooth facing!

How to choose veneers

choosing veneers

When choosing veneers for aesthetic restoration, you should not focus on price only. Much more important are the criteria of aesthetics, comfort and durability. According to these indicators, ceramic veneers are the top. We recommend ceramic constructions to all patients who dream of an impeccably beautiful smile!

When choosing veneers, one should also take into account possible contraindications to their installation. Most of them are relative. For example, if caries or inflammatory processes are detected, then appropriate therapeutic treatment should be performed before installing veneers. If the curvature of the teeth is caused by bite pathologies, then they are first corrected with braces, and then the smile is restored with veneers.

Ceramic structures can be installed even with bruxism, you will just have to wear a special mouth guard at night that protects the onlays from destruction. Veneers cannot be installed on teeth with large fillings. If more than 40-50% of the tissues have been restored, then inlays or crowns should be installed. They allow to achieve not only good aesthetics, but also restore the functionality of the tooth.

The main stages of veneer installation

Creating a new magnificent smile has the following stages:

amazing smile

1. Initial consultation

During the first consultation with a doctor who will take care of your perfect smile, there is a number of operations: examination and diagnostics to identify contraindications and the need for preliminary treatment. There is also the patient's photo session with a macro lens. Photos taken in this format allow conducting a detailed analysis of the smile and identifying all the aesthetic imperfections that need to be corrected.

preparation before veneers installation

2. Preparation

It is carried out as required, and involves the treatment of teeth with caries or other diseases identified during the examination. The doctor also performs professional cleaning of the oral cavity, which treats the microflora and removes plaque from the tooth surfaces. Removing plaque and tartar helps accurately select the color of future veneers using a special scale.

Taking impressions

3. Taking impressions and modeling

Ceramic veneers are made from impressions taken from the patient's teeth. The use of impressions allows making onlays with high anatomical accuracy. This is an important quality for veneers, which provides a tight fit, comfort in use, dental health, and smile aesthetics. Taking impressions in our clinic does not require facing of the tooth enamel and making temporary plastic onlays!

The impressions are sent to the laboratory, where wax models of future veneers are made from them. The patient can try on ready-made models and personally evaluate what magical changes will happen to his smile and appearance.

Veneers manufacturing

4. Veneers manufacturing and installation

Wax models are the basis for the veneers manufacture. The products are made in the clinic's dental laboratory, and the process takes only 14 days! When the veneers are ready, they are installed. The doctor will fix the ceramic onlays on the tooth surfaces using a special compound. After their fixation, you can enjoy the beauty of your new smile!

Magicneers veneers: a perfect smile without harm to dental health

Magicneers veneers

Our clinic's mission is to make people successful, beautiful and self-confident. Therefore, we offer our patients the most up-to-date achievements in dentistry as well as our unique proprietary technologies.

One of the exclusive innovations used in our clinic is the patented technique for installing veneers without tooth facing - Magicneers. This unique technology is confirmed by the patent; it is used only in AESTHETE dentistry and is the proprietary development of the clinic's chief physician Artavazd Manukyan.

Why did Artavazd Manukyan develop the technique for installing veneers without tooth facing? Because we wanted to create new perfect smiles while keeping our patients' teeth healthy. Enamel facing is not only an unpleasant procedure, but also this manipulation:

  • Weakens teeth, making them vulnerable to pathogens living in the oral cavity;
  • Makes the installation of veneers irreversible. Teeth without onlays will be unattractive, and moreover, the removal of the enamel layer increases the tooth sensitivity so much that it will hurt a person to eat, speak and even breathe;
  • Forces you to wear temporary plastic onlays, which are voluminous and uncomfortable, easily coming off the tooth surfaces. If the temporary restoration comes off, you will have to urgently see a doctor to re-attach it to the tooth;
  • Requires the use of strong anesthetics. Clinics claiming that tooth facing is painless procedure deliberately mislead their patients. This procedure is unbearable without anesthesia.

Our veneers without tooth facing relieve from the necessity of enamel grinding, discomfort and negative consequences that this manipulation can have for dental health in the long term. Impressions are taken from your teeth, and veneers are fixed on natural tooth enamel, creating a dazzling smile that will be definitely your pride!

The veneers made in our premium dentistry laboratory are handcrafted to perfection. Our veneers cannot be distinguished from natural teeth, because the onlays have unique thickness indicators, beautiful color gradation, perfectly recreated surface microrelief, and a translucent edge.

Our clinic also uses Wax-up wax modeling technology, which allows to visually demonstrate the future result. Using Wax-up, we create models of future wax veneers, which are transferred to the teeth by using special keys. By trying on wax models, you will see how veneers will change your smile and will have great motivation to get them installed right now!

Installation of veneers at the AESTHETE clinic is performed in just three visits. During the first visit, diagnostics is performed, and all the necessary preparatory actions are taken, during the second visit, impressions are taken, and modeling is carried out, and at the third visit, the veneers are fixed, and you can enjoy a new smile!

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Examples, before and after photos

We always supplement all articles about the services we offer with real photos showing examples of the work of our specialists. Photos in the before and after format allow to see and evaluate the quality, as well as understand how veneers improve smiles, making them magnificent and irresistible!

veneers before and after
veneers installation in Dubai
veneers before installation
veneers after installation

Price of veneers in Dubai

The price of veneers depends on the material of production, as well as on the number of teeth on which the aesthetic onlays will be made. Services for therapeutic treatment and sanitation of the oral cavity are not included in the price and are paid separately.

In our price list, you can see the per-tooth price of a veneer. If you still have questions or want to know the full price of creating your perfect smile, please attend the consultation of our specialists. Our clinic in Dubai is open for you.

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