“Aesthete” Premium Dentistry in Dubai


At our Aesthete premium dentistry in Dubai, you can undergo dental treatment without pain, with maximum comfort, and in the atmosphere of sensitivity and goodwill, as well as you can solve your major dental problems in the shortest time. We offer every person who comes to our clinic European standards of treatment, cutting-edge technologies, advanced equipment, and our original developments. Our company's mission is to create healthy and brilliant smiles that give confidence and inspire people to smile more often!

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Our premium clinic began operating thanks to the talent, sensitivity and dedication of its chief physician Artavazd Manukyan, who wanted not only to treat patients' teeth, but also to ensure that dental treatment was not associated with pain, fear and negative emotions.

In 2014, Artavazd Manukyan opened the first AestheticA clinic in Moscow, on Chistye Prudy, and created an atmosphere for the patients to feel comfortable and forget about their childhood fears of dentists.

The clinic was designed to evoke associations with an elite, luxurious beauty salon and create a mood that promotes trust in the clinic's doctors and motivates for dental treatment.

In 2019, the second AestheticA clinic was opened in Moscow, in the Barvikha shopping center. Today it is especially popular with residents of Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway and New Riga.

In 2023, our third clinic was opened in Dubai, at the Bluewaters Island, Resident Part, Building 10.

The new dentistry quickly attracted the patients' attention not only with the unusual and beautiful interiors.

People appreciated the clinic's feasibility, the wide range of services, the top service and the individual approach offered to everyone who visited the "Aesthete" luxury dentistry. Now, "Aesthete" are premium clinics operating for the health of your teeth and the splendor of your smiles. We suggest you visit our clinic in Dubai, at the Bluewaters Island, Resident Part, Building 10.

Our Dentistry's Philosophy

Aesthete dentistry's philosophy is based on non-invasiveness and the desire to maintain healthy teeth and not cause the patient any physical or psychological discomfort. All specialists of our premium clinics adhere to this philosophy, so each person is offered a truly individual approach.

The treatment program is developed for a specific patient, taking into account their structural features of the teeth, jaws, enamel structure, and the general condition of the body. Therefore, it is always unique.

We literally fight for every patient's tooth, because we recognize the tooth extraction as a radical and undesirable measure that is harmful to health. Therefore, we perform any complex and time-consuming manipulations that can save a tooth, as well as use advanced technologies that improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment.

Dental microscope and microsurgery help our doctors treat and restore teeth with minimal traumata, providing comfort for the patient even during the most difficult and unpleasant procedures.

We adhere to the principle of non-invasiveness not only during therapeutic or surgical treatment.

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New smiles for our patients are created without the slightest harm to the health of natural teeth. To do this, we use a unique technology patented by our luxury dentistry - Magicneers - veneers without tooth facing.

patent for veneers

We are the only ones who obtained a patent

Our premium dentistry offers its patients our original developments that have no analogues in the world. Such a unique innovation is the Magicneers veneers without tooth facing.

Their installation does not require tooth facing, which makes the procedure irreversible and unpleasant. The thinnest ceramic onlays are fixed directly on natural tooth enamel and create magnificent smiles without harm to health.

Each Magicneers veneer is thoroughly handcrafted to look natural, with the same color, luster and translucency as natural tooth. The technology is patented by our luxury dentistry, and the patent is freely available on our official website.

Advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment

The patients of our premium dentistry are offered the most up-to-date technologies in tooth treatment, prosthetics and implantation. For diagnostics and procedures, we use advanced equipment manufactured by leading medical brands. All materials applied by our doctors belong to the premium class products and meet international quality and safety standards.

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Some of the cutting-edge technologies used in our premium clinics in Dubai:

  • Dental microscope that allows treatment under magnification. This optical device helps doctors to remove only destroyed tooth tissues and save the most of healthy ones, treat dental canals without errors and inaccuracies, as well as perform hygiene and whitening without damaging tooth enamel. The use of a dental microscope improves both the quality of dental procedures and their effectiveness;
  • Navigational implantation. The use of special programs allows planning the installation of implants literally step by step and developing surgical templates, thanks to which the structures are implanted into the jawbone with virtually no incisions. This technology makes dental implantation fully predictable, non-traumatic and safe;
  • 3D modeling. Patients can see the future treatment result even before the start of treatment. For this, we use 3D modeling and wax modeling.

Team of professionals

The quality and effectiveness of dental treatment is 90% dependent on the level of a doctor's professionalism. Knowing this, our premium dentistry have assembled a team of real professionals who love their job and constantly improve their skills in leading medical institutions in Europe and the USA.

When treating patients, our doctors apply world standards of treatment, as well as show sensitivity, attention and care to everyone. Trust between the patient and the doctor is the key to effective treatment, and our specialists build trust relationships with patients.

Our premium dentistry employs specialists from various fields: therapists, orthopedists, orthodontists, hygienists, surgeons and implantologists. At our Barvikha clinic, young patients are treated by a pediatric dentist.

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Unique atmosphere and overall comfort

Our premium dentistry will never evoke unpleasant associations with the hospital. The bright, spacious and stylish interiors of our clinics are filled with cosiness and comfort, which relax, soothe, and relieve anxieties and worries. The Aesthete premium dentistry will remind you of a luxurious beauty salon, and this will be the right association, because we help you become even more attractive and beautiful, creating healthy and ultrawhite amazing smiles!

Our doctors see patients exactly at the appointment time, but if you come earlier, you will not be bored. Attentive and helpful receptionists will offer you hot coffee, aromatic tea, newspapers or magazines. The clinic has free Wi-Fi and large-screen plasma TVs. Waiting time will fly by in comfortable chairs.

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For dental treatment, we suggest choosing our clinic in Dubai at the Bluewaters Island, Resident Part, Building 10.

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Luxury dentistry for adults and children

premium children's clinic

Children can also enjoy premium treatment in our dentistry. Aesthete Dubai clinic has a pediatric dentist who can quickly find a common language with the child and convince him not to be afraid to treat his teeth.

Doctor's rooms for the treatment of young patients have their own unique environment. They have bright toys to distract attention; during the procedures, the doctor will turn on the child's favorite cartoons so that the baby can watch the adventures of the characters and do not experience fear and stress.

This approach to the treatment of children gives the child an understanding of the importance of caring for their teeth, and relieves dental phobia. Your children will go to "Aesthete" premium dentistry without tears and with pleasure!

Full range of dental services

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You can visit the Aesthete premium dentistry in Dubai to solve absolutely any of your tooth problems.

We treat all types of caries, save teeth in case of pulpitis and periodontitis, carry out prosthetics and implantation, perform restoration with veneers, and correct the bite with braces and aligners.

We are proud to offer you a unique atmosphere, safety and comfort, dentistry innovations, sincere sensitivity and care.

Come to "Aesthete" clinics and enjoy healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and self-confidence!